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An Indic Online Camp

Dharmashram is a specially curated and designed online Indic camp for kids aged 08 to 13 years to introduce them to the world of Sanatan. From Gurus who are renowned authors (Sumedha Ojha, Saiswaroopa Iyer) to experts (Ramakrishna Kongalla, Chanchal Malviya) the kids were introduced to the world of temples, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Arthashastra


A Stotram chanting course

ShlokaShaala- an online Stotram session is open for all age groups to learn, chant and imbibe recitation of Stotrams into our daily lives, thereby, invoking positive energies. ShlokaShaala is a weekend course where our Guru Abhinav Kadambi- a Sanskrit expert teaches us significant Stotrams

Final Logos of SB Initiatives.png
Final Logos of SB Initiatives.png


Igniting knowledge and research

With Shodhabhyas, our effort will be to fuel research in the Indic space and add the hard work and content to the final knowledge bank. Soon to be launched.

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