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The Art of Sanatana is a melting pot of diverse spiritual conscience building a bridge of expression between the Paramatma and the Atma. It evokes divine experience in every aspect and in different forms truly epitomizing our Dharma itself. Explore the best original art from the various corners of Bharatvarsh brought to you by Samyukta Bharata under Kalanjali. 

*Samyukta Bharata is just a medium. All orders will be fulfilled by the vendor and all proceeds will go to the art and the artist.      

Art for Dharma



Pattachitra style of painting is one of the oldest and most popular art forms of Odisha. The name Pattachitra has evolved from the Sanskrit words patta, meaning canvas, and chitra, meaning picture. It is manifested by rich colourful application, creative motifs and designs mostly mythological in depiction invoking primarily Lord Jagannatha. Samyukta Bharata in its resolve to promote independent Sanatani artists has collaborated with artist Sri. Sachikant Sahoo from Raghurajpur, Odisha, the birthplace of Pattachitra. His entire family since generations has dedicated its life to preserve the art. This is our small effort to support art for Dharma.



Classic Collection

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Krishna Avatar
Krishna Avatar
Durga madhaba
Panchamukhi Hanuman
Dashavatar with Ramabhishekha
Krishna Avatar
Rasleela Turquoise
Rasleela - Red&White
Rasleelanouka Bihar


Palmleaf Engravings

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